May 22, 2022

Light, Love, Truth & Glory

Truth because truth seems to be at a subjective premium today. Today I want to look back on what Jesus considers the truth. That truth is Jesus. No one else. May we continue to know the truth of Jesus Christ as savior of the world. The truth is also realizing the glory of God is so much greater than any one church, any expression of Christian faith, or anything created by people. Glory becuase those who love God can no longer simply be about what is best for each of us. Or even what is best for the United Methodist Church or St. Paul Church.
Scripture: John 14:23-29, Matthew 18
March 27, 2022


When we don't know how to lean of God, or lean on each other in times of need, we are opening the door to so much negative stuff. When we don't ask God to save us, we neglect the fact that only through the saving grace of Jesus Christ are we spared from the sins that stain our lives and burden our hearts. I am just as guilty of this as anybody else. But I have got to ask does it really have to be this way? No. We are created to worship God. We are built to be in community. Even the most introverted among us needs a hug or a helping hand now and then.
Scripture: Matthew 7:7-12
January 09, 2022

Your Epiphany

IT was a little over ten years ago, God was telling me to bring my family to Texas. I don't know if it was an Epiphany, but I believed strongly that it was God's will. Things were not going well in Washington State, and there were things about life in Washington State that neither my wife or I found to be anywhere near tolerable. We came to the conclusion we weren't leaving Washington as much as Washington had left us. So, I had job interviews in San Antonio and here in Temple. After a couple weeks it was clear that Temple wanted us more than San Antonio, so here we came. But I know not all Epiphany moments may be good news. Or at least the good news may not be immediately apparent. Change is hard.
Scripture: Matthew 2:13-15
November 28, 2021

Heaven for Beginners

So wherever you are traveling this weekend, or throughout the Advent and Christmastime - let God lead the way. And for those who are traveling to see you, welcome them home, understand the importance of your home and respect their new home. Understand too, we all have competing demands upon our time especially at this time of year, and if someone doesn’t come home this year love them anyway. If someone doesn’t stay as long as you would like, love them just as deeply, if someone gets sad to see you leaving love them too, and realize just how much they love you. The secret of this home and heaven story is we’re all beginners. So, embrace home whatever that means in your life now, because it’s a foretaste of heaven, and that is our true home.
Scripture: Psalm 25