December 19, 2021

The Blessing of Home

There is a special yard near our house that has Santa kneeling before the baby Jesus at the manger. Though that is not even close to reality, I salute the idea behind it. How has home blessed you? Those of you who have been blessed with long happy marriages certainly know the blessing of home. Those of you who are widowed now, still have that blessing in your heart. And even though your beloved spouse may be waiting for you in heaven, he never really is too far away from your heart. It is a blessing to miss someone that much. I know, that’s a little bit tougher to take on. But, it’s true. A love that lasts forever, is a blessing from God. That we don’t exit this life together is also not a curse. It is a blessing that you’ve been given more time to serve God in this life, as we prepare for the next. Those of you who are not married still know the blessing born of the pain of missing someone. Maybe its your mother or dad. Maybe a friend who unexpectedly died. The past year we’ve all been forced to examine what is important in life. We’ve all heard the saying blessed to be stressed, and questioned it. We have rediscovered too, what blessings we have in home, church and each other. We went for weeks or in some situations months with no church but internet church or TV church. But the church is still here, and renewed and blessed, and welcoming. We now produce a special internet service every Sunday for those who cannot get to church, and for those outside the area that may find us on the Internet.
Scripture: Micah 5:2-5