But Now I See

By now we all know, a spiritually bland man went on a killing rampage Tuesday afternoon in Uvalde, Texas.  All are suffering again because of another horrific tragedy striking a small Texas town.  This man who was blinded by rage, and I suspect insanity, has pralyzed a community and some would say, a world.

This man's inability to recognize the humanity of helpless little children in impossible for any of us to understand.

There is nothing anyone can say that will make sense of what happened in South Texas.  But it has happened, and we must again understand that:

  • in this world there will be pain.
  • in this world there is evil.
  • in this world we must cling to the promise of Jesus Christ, no matter what.
  • in this world evil will not conquor.

In the Beatitudes Jesus promised us all who mourn will be comforted.  Pray for those folks in Uvalde and elsewhere who are suffering.  If you are mourning know that others are praying for you too.