Footprints Toward Faith #2 Happy Birthday Church

Today, and next Sunday we are continuing a series I call Footprints Toward Faith.  We’re looking at the faith of Methodist creator John Wesley, as well at some of the scripture that inspired his faith, and will inspire ours too.

We’re also looking at some of what Wesley believed in creating Methodism, to gain some depth of understanding about what we believe.

This is Pentecost. It is another one of those movable holidays.

It is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter Sunday.   It is sometimes called the birthday of the church – that was the theme I chose to promote this service on our Facebook page this week.

It’s the birthday of the church, because it honors the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. and people gathered in Jerusalem – for a holiday called Shavout - witnessed the disciples speaking in foreign languages -  many of the people were convinced this was a God thing, and so they were baptized and converted.