February 20, 2022

We each have a taste of the world's pain.  We each have a vested hope in healing that pain.  But often we forget, or don't know, how to do it.

That is why this story is so important.  This story shows how one man, attacked, left for dead, and then sold into slavery by his own family - chose to forgive rather than continue the brokenness.

The other good news of this story is for everyone with atypical family dynamics.  Or perhaps I should say, typical family dynamics.  If you have family issues that are longing for forgiveness, then the Joseph story is also about you.

This time the son didn't leave home seeking fame and fortune and come back with his hat in his hand begging to be forgiven.  This time the family messed up.  The brothers lied to their father.  The father surely grieved the loss of his son.  His son survived years in prison and was redeemed and saved, becoming a leader in Egypt.

He became a prodigal son who saved his family.   While he didn't suffer death on the cross, he suffered, was presumed dead, and yet his life experience was to be a man of forgiveness.

Sound familiar?  That was Jesus' message on the cross.  "Father forgive them."  Forgive us.  And he did.

Who do you need to forgive?