Good Good Father

This is the day we set aside to honor fathers.   So to you dads, and to all of you who have a dad this is a day for you to consider what that means.

You may know, nobody really was excited about making Father’s Day official.

That effort started more than 100 years ago.  Though interestingly enough it didn’t become a National Holiday until the Nixon Administration in the 1970’s.

Mother’s Day became official started early in the 20th Century, though roots for that holiday go back a long way.

I blame my dad for a lot of things.  Being a dad has never been easy.  In fact, I realize that to a certain extent I am still mad at my dad, even though he died in 1966.

I have blamed my temper on my dad.

I still blame the fact that I can’t fix anything on my dad dying too soon.

I blame my parenting skills, or lack there of, on my dad.

I blame my attitudes about food on my dad.

But the point I hope to make for all of us  today is it is time to let all that go.  Stop blaming our dads, and start loving and accepting  our dads, for the good men they are – or in my case – were.

As a dad I have felt dads are sometimes our own worst enemy.  I know that dads sometimes still do, or maybe I should say, always have, done dumb things.

But dads want to do the right thing.  Sometimes they, or should I say, we?  just don’t know how to get there.