Reign of Christ Sunday

A very successful businessman was flying to New York for an important meeting. Let’s call him George.

Before Covid 19, George would fly nearly 100-thousand miles a year because of his job. So, nothing bothered George on flying. He often was able to upgrade to first class because he spent so much time on airlines.

So he was finally back on a plane recently. On this flight the pilot announced there would be no beverages served because of expected turbulence. Not that uncommon. Nothing to worry about.

Oh, well, George said to himself, I’ll grab a cocktail at the airport when we land.

A few minutes passed and the pilot came back on the overhead speakers with another announcement. This time he told everyone to return to their seats and buckle up, even instructing the flight attendants to buckle up too.

As the announcement ended the airplane hit the turbulence, and things got a little bit out of whack. The winds blew the plane up rapidly, and then just as rapidly another current would force the plane down a thousand feet much to quickly.

As an experienced flyer, George was trying to remain calm. But he looked around the aircraft and noticed people were concerned. Some were praying. Some were wearing their concern on their faces. Clearly this was different, and folks were expressing their concern in different ways.

But then George noticed one little girl sitting quietly in her seat. She was reading, and didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

Well good news is; the plane landed.

Everyone was hurrying off; but the little girl had not moved. So, George waited until the last moment, and then asked the her how she remained so calm during such a terrible storm.