The Anointing

As Easter approaches, we begin to look at the final days of Jesus' earthly ministry.  Today we hear about a story that happened at a dinner party.

It was a simple evening.  A few friends gathered.  But it took a very serious tone when Mary acted on God's will to anoint her Lord.

This was a week or so before Passover began, but Jesus knew what was waiting for him in Jerusalem.  What this story tells us is Mary knew too.  Mary was led by God to help prepare him for that day.

Bethany and Jerusalem were about two miles apart. Bethany is near the Mt. of Olives which is part of the Jerusalem metro today.  You can see old Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives.  The Garden of Gethsemane is near the base of the Mt. of Olives, so still a hike into the Old City.   The area is very hilly, as Kathy and I learned firsthand last fall.