The Gift of Love - part two

The shared suffering of a winter storm - in a funny way - is a joyful product of people being loving and understanding.  My contention and belief is that love and understanding is a part of the gift of God's love to a hurting world.

It can be so difficult to see good when bad things are happening.  Or KEEP happening.  We've been stuck in the rut of Covid 19 for so long, seeing the goodness of God may take some effort some days.   In the face of every storm, God is still working in our lives.  Whether it is hurricanes, freezing rain, the loss of a job, or the loss of a dear friend or family member, God is still here among us.

God is crying when we cry.  God is cheering for all of us.  God knows the pain we are suffering through in all the inconveniences and outright tragedies that is life and death during Covid 19.

I want to make sure you hear that.  I pray you believe that.  God still cares.

It really is just that simple.  But sometimes pastors like to use big words to tell a story.  Hard to pronounce "churchy" words make us all sound important; or at least we think they do.  Pastors are really good at that.  But when I am sitting in the pew, I want the pastor to simply get to the point.  Tell me what all this means to me.  Tell me how God will use this moment to strengthen my faith and impact my life.