This Little Light / Transfiguration Sunday

Time changes just about everything.  The Ukraine, the Pandemic, all these have changed the world. Since we live in the world, we have all been impacted in one way or another.

On Transfiguration Sunday, we're going to look at Transfiguration - or change - and the ways to understand what it means today.   One thing to consider is Transfiguration Sunday is a message about our changes too.  In Luke's gospel, you and I are represented by Peter, John and James who witnessed the transfiguration and didn't know what to do.

Changes are hard to understand.  Dramatic world events like we are seeing now are scary and worrisome. The Pandemic hasn't quite gone away even though local cases are way down.  The conflicting messages about elections and so many other things that bombard us every day are confusing and sometimes very frightening.

Sometimes I have to just turn off the TV and radio and turn to Christ instead.  How about you?