What Covid Can't Change

Ok, I confess. I’m pretty excited about leaving on vacation tomorrow. We have not had a vacation of more than a long weekend for about five years.
We have waited about 18 months to take this journey because of the various things that Covid has done to complicate travel. We have all blamed Covid for a lot of bad stuff. I am first among the complainers on that list. And in fact, you might recall, last week I made a comment that Covid has changed everything.
Today I am here to confess that is not true. There are some important things in our lives that Covid cannot change.
It cannot change what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact, it should be one more thing that empowers and amplifies our need for a savior. If you have come to have doubts and you are blaming those doubts on Covid, I want to encourage you to look again.
Doubt is not the way of the cross. Doubt – fueled by Covid, or anything else is meant to separate us from God. But friends, it doesn’t have to be. So, if you or someone you love is blaming God for Covid let’s take a breath and realize that is just not so.
God did not cause Covid. God through Jesus Christ is the answer to the hurt and pain in our lives. It was before Covid it is today and it will be tomorrow.
Jesus Christ, was, is and always will be.
That is not going to change. Jesus is our hope; that is not going to change.
Jesus is Lord. Covid has not changed who Jesus is; but it has caused many of us to realize our dependence upon God for life.