What Nicodemus Did (Footprints Toward Faith, pt 3)

I am guessing this will be the first sermon you have heard that mentions Gilligan’s Island?

Do you remember that TV show?  The skipper, Gilligan, Ginger, Marianne, the Professor, Thurston Howell the 3rd, and his wife - lovie?  Stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

What would have happened to those folks if they had washed up on an island with no fresh water, and no food? 

Well, of course eventually they would have all died.

But wait, along comes an old-dilapidated rescue boat.  There is enough room on the boat for everyone to get on board and be saved.  Oh yea!

But two of those stranded on the island are terrified.

They don’t want to get back on the boat with a bunch of strangers they have only known for three hours. 

They are afraid to go out into the water again and fall victim to more storms.  At least they are safe on the island for the moment.

So they stay put. 

And will say, Gilligan and Marianne refuse to get on the boat.  Gilligan is mad at the Skipper and doesn’t know if he can ever trust him again.  Marianne.  Well Marianne thinks Gilligan is cute, and if he’s going to stay then she wants to be near him.

Everyone else chooses to take the chance to be saved.

What is going to happen to Gilligan and Marianne?  Most likely they are going to die.

The point of this story, is we all are on an island of sorts, aren’t we? 

We all have to decide whether to get on the boat, or go it alone.  Step outside our comfort zone and trust God enough - to get on the boat - or stay stuck on our own little isolated island.