April 17, 2022

Prepare the Way of the Lord

He took us all on his back, every one of us. He put our salvation and restoration to a right relationship with God as the call that was more important than his own life. Today, we have the benefit of looking back to what happened on that first Holy Week. Even as the crowd turned against Jesus, we know that he did not desert us. Even though he asked God to take the cup away from him, he gave us his will for the path of following God's will. The path to the cross becomes real with Palm Sunday. We know what is coming. On Maundy THursday there is the Passover MEal which became "the last supper" and the first communion. Then the arrest. The trial. The walk to Golgatha. The nails. The cross. Jesus' final words. Then the three days of darkness until the women arrive at the tomb on Sunday morning and find, it's empty. Praise God!
Scripture: Luke 19:28-40