May 29, 2022

But Now I See

It is too late for this shooter, and too late to do anything but mourn his victims. But it is never too late to pray for others who need the power of Jesus to touch their lives. There has been a great deal of pain and anger expressed in the media. The politicians and blaming each other as they normally do. But there has been a rising tide of such phrases as, "I am tired of your thoughts and prayers, we need to do something." Some anti prayer comments were quite graphic and not something I am going to repeat in polite company. Let me say categorically that prayer IS doing something. Pray that our hearts will never be hardened by the violence epidemic that is upon us. Pray for those who will face years and years of grief. Pray for the first responders and others who must directly face such nightmare situations. Pray that this world will be renewed in the love of Jesus Christ.
Scripture: John 9:1-11