July 25, 2021

Soul Food For Thought

We’re going to talk about your soul today. Though I guess you could say we are talking about souls every week. But on this fourth week of our summer Psalms, soul is the key word that jumped out at me all week, as I spent a lot of time in thought and prayer about this message. What feeds your soul? For most of you I believe I know the answer to that. I really do. I believe most of you are blessed, and “fed”, by caring for others. Whether they be a member of St. Paul, a soul you pass on the street, or someone thousands of miles away who benefits from a cause you have supported. It puts the concept of “Soul Food” into a different light. I think most Texans would describe BBQ as soul food, or maybe Blue Bell ice cream. Or pazookies, or breakfast tacos. Ok, I’ll stop with the food analogies and just ask you simply- what really feeds your soul?
Scripture: Psalm 62:5-8, Psalm57:1-5